Pre Primary

MVM is a new concept in learning and is waiting eagerly to unfold experiential learning through each of its classroom that is synonymous with all the elements of the best playschools. The playschool aims to provide the much desired 360 degree learning experience onto each child inspiring them to be learners with permanence and quality. Serving as platforms of self-discovery the learning areas will ignite innate curiosity within each child, synergized by the extremely competent faculty who are specially trained for the early group learners. The playschool promises to be a hub of well planned activities that will enable, empower and encourage the young learners towards thinking rationally, motivating them to ask questions and endowing them with purposeful learning.

Guaranteed to be an environment of love, affection, understanding, care & learning, MVM is designed like a castle from a fairy tale meant to provide an impetus for the child not only to come to school but love it just the same. We have adapted features of NALI- KALI (enjoying-learning) that nourishes the upbringing of children and igniting in them the spark to learn with happiness and joy. We aim to unleash each child’s imagination and creativity by providing an environment which they relate to through an element of fantasy and wonder. The other highlights of the School includes play area, DIGI LAB, sand pit, play stations having 30 options to enforce learning by the play-way method, activity rooms, music, art and computer lab.

The crèche at MVM is an extended warm cocoon of love and affection. It follows a structured curriculum that includes plenty of time for physical activity, personal grooming time (including daily storybook sessions for groups and individuals), group activities, individual activities, meals, and rest. MVM follows the Learning and Growing through “Multiple Sensory” approach and at the core of their philosophy is the recognition that kids can think & learn differently and that intelligence can be expressed in a multitude of ways. We provide opportunities for each student to use his/her unique intelligence to understand the subject matter. In addition, the multi-sensory approach helps students understand their strengths and challenges. By using multi-sensory approach as a tool, students learn to use strengths to acquire new information and work on fully developing their knowledge in areas that are a challenge for them.

MVM is yet another initiative by the pioneering Mr. Srinivasa K after his successful endeavors of launching MVM Central School at Kannamangala. He is extremely confident that the children in the age group of 2 to 7 years will be more evolved and acquire prolific advancements through the progressive teaching-learning methods and research techniques which will be applied at MVM.